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Who We Are

“Ellipse 6814 calls its members to be creative, gracious professionals committed to working passionately toward a common goal. Guided by adult mentors, student leaders and community partners, we prepare ourselves to be leaders in a dynamic and challenging world.”

Ellipse 6814 Mission Statement

Our Team

Ellipse 6814 was started in 2017 by student Bryce Hanson and teacher Ramsey Musallam. We started with just one student, and now have a sizable team with 43 members. Our team name, Ellipse, is meant to represent timelessness. An ellipse is the shape that is created by the moon orbiting around the earth, and we wanted our logo to represent this by encapsulating that shape along with the display of our name and team number. Our current team is the very first robotics team to be represented at Sonoma Academy, and we want to be able to continue this team for years to come.

We welcome all individuals with different robotic backgrounds, from students who live and breathe robotics to beginner students who simply want to learn more about the world of robotics. We have team members from all grade levels, and have divided the group into multiple subdivisions in order to to increase productivity. These subdivisions include: Fabrication, Actuation, Programming, Electronics, Treasury, and Communications.


  • Ramsey Musallam

  • Changa Imara

  • Lisa Zavieh

  • Eric Moes

  • Satya Kraus

  • Carole Hanson


  • Captain

    Bryce Hanson

  • Vice Captain

    Ellie Ramos

  • Build Lead

    Kailen Kraus

  • Controls Lead

    Sean Sun

  • Business Lead

    Adrian Hanson

  • Imagery Lead

    Matti Hathaway

  • Outreach Lead

    Nicholas Fowles

Our Sponsors

The Brin Wojcicki Foundation Sun Sponsor

49ers Foundation Jupiter Sponsor

Grupo Suma Jupiter Sponsor





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